Coaching Philosophy

The statement “If you fail to plan, plan to fail”, is never far wrong, especially in sports. We at Ascent Sports Coaching take care of the planning part to allow you to focus on, and enjoy your chosen sport whilst getting the best from yourself.

Enthusiasm, encouragement and personal attention from the coach is a key to every client having a positive experience. Effort, enthusiasm, improvement and fun lead to a successful team, and we focus on the team element as it’s a combined effort and we place a high level of importance on client relationships.

Success builds pride, but so does hard work and commitment. We at Ascent instill in every client the belief that hard and smart work pays off, and the harder and smarter clients work, the more they will achieve. While being successful is a goal for everyone, at the same time each client should focus on effort – not outcome.

Teaching, latest scientific knowledge, testing and consistency are tools used to prepare clients to be the best they can be. We at Ascent believe in planning ahead and goal setting. Goals should be challenging enough to require clients to push themselves and achieve what they originally thought was the impossible. Every client should have the opportunity to achieve and experience success, at Ascent we see ourselves as the stepping-stones to help you achieve success.

Good coaches know that the key to success is motivating their clients to do their best and improve beyond apparent limitations, motivated by stretching but realistic short and long-term goals. A good saying to remember “You never exceed your own expectations”.

Mental preparation is as much a part of our coaching philosophy as physical preparation. We try to accomplish the things you think impossible but have fun along the way.

In summary we take the guesswork out of training,we build long-term relationships with our clients and we value and take as much pride and enjoyment from our clients achievements than they do themselves.

Ascent Sports Coaching

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